Problems of Contemporary Science and Practice
Vernadsky University

Requirements for submitting, reviewing and publishing

    a) Requirements for publication
  • original article (never published before)
  • reviewers acceptance
  • full compliance with the formatting instructions (see in the Guidelines for Authors)

    Paper title must be placed at the top of the first page in UPPER CASE, bold, followed by full names of all authors, their affiliations, and contact e-mails. All papers must include an abstract (up to 1500 symbols) and keywords (up to 9 words or phrases, alphabetical order). If the paper is not in English, please provide abstract and keywords both in English and in Russian. The paper body must contain an introduction, main sections, a conclusion and a list of references.

    Please submit your manuscript with the following documents:
  1. a letter of recommendation for publication from the organization you are affiliated with;
  2. an expert evaluation for publication in the press (for technical articles);
  3. a review by a doctor of science;
  4. a letter from the University Graduate Division for graduate students
    Manuscripts can be sent by regular mail with a CD version or to the following e-mail address:;

    b) Reviewing

    All articles are reviewed by experts who have published papers on the subject during the last three years. The reviewed manuscripts are sent to the members of the editorial board. The editorial board sends the authors the copies of reviews or a motivated refusal. The originals of the reviews are kept for 5 years.

    c) Publication fees

    Publication fees are 979 rubles 40 kopecks per 1 page (including VAT).
    PhD students are not charged for the publication of manuscripts. The decision about the publication of PhD students' manuscripts is made the Editorial Board. Postgraduate researchers are expected to submit their manuscripts with a letter from the Graduate Studies indicating the name of the scientific advisor.
    The postal expenses cover the postage of two issues of the journal sent by regular mail to a single postal address:

  • for Russia - 90 rubles 00 kopecks (including VAT 18%, 10.68)
  • CIS countries (CIS) - 250 rubles 00 kopecks. (including VAT 18%, 38.14)
  • other countries - 500 rubles 00 kopecks. (including VAT 18%, 76.28).

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