Problems of Contemporary Science and Practice
Vernadsky University



The journal "Problems of Contemporary Science and Practice. Vernadsky University" has been published in the publishing and printing center of Tambov State Technical University since 2005.
The center includes the sector of printing and copying machines, the sector of publishing and editorial work and the Editorial Board.
Edited and typeset volumes of the journal are reviewed by the Scientific Editor, and then printed in the publishing and printing sector. The printed copies are sent to the authors and subscribers in accordance with the timetable specified in the publisher newsletter and contract between TSTU Publishing House and Rospechat.

The Scope of the Journal "Problems of Contemporary Science and Practice. Vernadsky University"

The journal aims to discuss the problems related to the development of the spiritual heritage of Academician V.I. Vernadsky, publish the results of the university research groups working on the problems of harmonious development of the economy, nature and society, discuss the problems of advanced technologies, exchange ideas and experience on the organization of university training and educational work and enhance international cooperation in science and education.

The Journal Subject Headings
  1. Earth sciences. Issues of noosphere.
  2. Biology. Ecology. Bionanotechnology.
  3. Agroengineering.
  4. Economics of sustainable development.
  5. Social Sciences.
  6. Architecture and Construction.
  7. Energy and transport.
  8. Information and communication technologies.
  9. Applied research.
  10. Chronicle, events, facts.

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