Problems of Contemporary Science and Practice
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Guidelines for Authors


The article should be structured and formatted. It should contain introduction, main body and conclusion. The main body of the paper can have several internal sections with a formal statement of the problem and the proposed solution method; literature review comparing the proposed formulation of the problem with the existing approaches, the advantage of the developed method, examples confirming the efficiency and effectiveness of the proposed solutions. The recommendations on the use of the results can be included in the conclusion.

Formatting instructions

Please submit your paper as *.doc or *.rtf file. First author's name must be included in the file name.
Paper title must be placed at the top of the first page in UPPER CASE, bold, followed by full names of all authors, their affiliations, and contact e-mails.
All papers must include an abstract (up to 1500 symbols) and keywords (up to 9 words or phrases, alphabetical order). If the paper is not in English, please provide abstract and keywords both in English and in Russian. The paper body must contain an introduction, main sections, a conclusion and a list of references.

All papers must follow the following layout:
A4 (210?297 mm) paper size
Portrait Orientation
Top margins: 3.0 cm
Bottom margins: 3.6 cm
Left margins: 2,5 cm
Right margins: 3,0 cm
Indents - 0,75 cm
Font - Times New Roman, size - 11
Line spacing - single

Please Do NOT insert page numbers. Please Do NOT add Headers or Footers. Please use automatic word hyphenation. Figures and diagrams must be inserted in *.tif, *.jpeg or *.doc format (grouped, line thickness no less than 0.75 pt). For diagrams created in Excel please submit the original Excel file with your paper. Maximum width of figures and diagrams - 11.5 cm.

References instructions

References are placed at the end of the paper in the order as they appear in the text. Please refer to the reference number and page number, as in [1, p. 25]. References are listed in the language of the original without abbreviations. Last name and initials of all authors, full title, publishing house, place and year of publication, and number of pages must be provided. For journal articles also include number of volume and issue. Please DO NOT include unpublished sources in the list of references.

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