Problems of Contemporary Science and Practice
Vernadsky University

Information about the editor-in-chief
Popov Nikolai Sergeevich - Doctor of Engineering, Professor, Honored Worker of the Higher School of the Russian Federation. Graduated from the Tambov Institute of Chemical Engineering in 1969 and postgraduate studies from the Moscow Institute of Chemical Engineering in 1974. He was trained at the universities of Oulu and Turku (Finland) in 1979-80s. He defended his doctoral dissertation at the Moscow Mendeleev Chemical Technology Institute in 1989 (school of academician V.V. Kafarov).
Scope of scientific interests: development of theories and methods of mathematical modeling and management of natural and industrial macrosystems.
Scope of academic knowledge: control theory, systems approach, ecology, mathematical economics, pedagogy, chemical engineering systems, bionics.
Publication activity: over 400 scientific publications and 15 patents for inventions.
Scientometric indicators: Hirsch index - 5.

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